Grass Roots Fund

We like to do things differently here at The Sports Bench, we genuinely are not aware of anyone else who has a program like this. So let us tell you a little bit more about our ‘Grass Roots Fund’ which is still a work in progress!


What is our Grass Roots Fund?

It’s a dedicated fund that we have set up that helps players/athletes with equipment they may need to enjoy and continue to play their chosen sport. We want to break down barriers to participation, so every purchase our customers make will increase our Grass Roots Fund which helps players/athletes achieve their potential.


The way it works… It’s a pretty simple process really!

Clubs and/or coach(es) can nominate a player/athlete, by filling out a form, to receive equipment that would help fulfilling their potential and keep them participating in the sport they love. The criteria will consist of a few questions and other basic information that we would need to make an informed decision. We then consider all applications and make the painstaking choice to shortlist and then eventually award the much needed equipment to the lucky individual(s). We would very much love to help everyone who applies but unfortunately we can only help a small number of individuals at the moment but we hope that the more customers that purchase through our online store the bigger the fund will become thus enabling us to help more and more individuals as the fund builds.


Want to Contribute to the Fund by providing Equipment or Donating?

There is no hard sell here... get involved if you would like!

We're always looking to increase our fund/project/products and if their are any Companies that would like to help our efforts by donating equipment for our project, you will definitely be credited with the donation, please do get in touch and we would be happy to discuss how we can work together to help individuals keep playing the sport they love. Members of the public can also donate to our fund with monitory or equipment contributions, if they like. Please get in touch by emailing us with subject heading Contribute Grass Roots Fund at to find out more



The Application process will open in Mid to Late 2022 (Christmas surprise maybe!), which will hopefully give the fund time to grow so that we are able to help players keep playing the sport that they love.